As much as I love WordPress and a fantastic easy platform, moving back to Blogspot is probably the best idea for me and was encourage by a few affiliates.  Due to affiliates terms and condition and WordPress conditions. don’t support other affiliate that was right for me. Even though you have been following me here. Thank you. There are, other options such as moving to I don’t think I have a stable money to be paying monthly due to my high demands art supplies or other essentials to be up to date. I hope you understand. And someday who knows.

Now a days, a lot of clever program such as adblocks is becoming more popular and ads becoming more annoying for some. And people do earn from ads and was one of them. It is not really  a stable income and you must be very loyal but few simple mistake can cut off your money coming in. So I suggest, you do your research if your thinking joining in with Adsense.

I will not delete my WordPress blog that I’ve already created. I will have to turn it into an Art post rather than beauty essentials or other than I normally post. Since, I’m building up my art skills digitally it is a good opportunity to use for a professional portfolio case as well as blog gallery where i talk about my art work.

My new blog is called Ana Razon  I shorten the name. And I know what you  all thinking. How can I manage two blogs at the same time? Well, I guess it is a challenge it keep me busy at all times and love what I do.  I got too comfortable with and at least I found a way to make use of it rather than wasting it.



My Pale Skin, She’s one of my favourite Youtuber and a Blogger. And I love watching all of her videos. 3 days ago, she uploaded such a powerful message among young teens or adults about false expectation and false image perfection. If you happened to watch her video before then you’ll know what am talking about.

I don’t think there is a stop for people to judge, it’s human nature no matter what condition you have.  But would be nice for people to understand how it feels like to be judge and being bullied through social media or in person. I myself suffered from acne during my teenage years and now I don’t have it as bad as when I was younger.  We all go through hormonal imbalance for both gender and for those who are bless with clearer skin, you are lucky. I know others have it really bad. Acne can accrue at any age rate in a random time and a random places on your face. Now you don’t have to put them down by saying anything negative as they already feel bad and insecure about themselves. That feeling hurts because I am one of them. I experience it through high school and honestly was the worst feeling and I cried almost every night. Having acne can take time to get better and make up is the holy grail for acne sufferer and it feels good. It cover up all the impurities and not actually questioned by others or unless your putting yourself out there. I considered that as brave.

For what Em did, truly brave and she showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations in both gender. And society are used to seeing false images of perfection.

I want to be able to tell everyone and I don’t care who you are. This may not stop people from saying negative no matter what condition you have. But you have to look at yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN AND OUT. Don’t let anyone tell you differently about yourself. If you don’t love yourself and continue to feed your emotions with negativity, it can be very unhealthy and can lead to depression. Stick with people who understand, help you and care for you. 


SKINCARE: The Body Shop

If you followed me for a while.. Especially through Blogspot and recently moved to WordPress. You’ll know that, I do have a terrible skin demons, which is Acne and Blemishes. Blemishes is the hardest one to get rid of, it can take 3-4 months to a year. 3 months ago I purchased 4 products from the body shop that would at least make an improvement to my skin. During summer time, oils are building up and can clog your pores. I hope you’ll find my reviews useful.




  • Helps to improve appearance of blemish-damaged skin. Now it depends how big your blemish scars then it will take a long time to recover. Or if you have smaller blemishes it should clear up within a month and make sure you apply this after your toner. I will not recommend this product for extremely dry skin.
  • Leaves your skin mattify. For those people suffer from oily skin, this will improve your excessive sebum when taking during the nights and in the morning your skin feels great and mattified. If you decided to use this during the day honestly.. it will develop oils on some parts of your face depending on the the weather. 
  • Antibacterial action. 
  • This will not leave your skin clear and does not avoid any future blemishes or spot.
  • Will not hydrate your face, depending on your skin types. 
  • Takes a long time to see a difference. 
  • Strong smell.


TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING LOTION – 15ml £3.00 – 50ml £8.00

It improve your skin texture no matter what condition your skin is: dry, oily, rough and etc.

  • Leave your skin feeling soft and velvet texture. Light weight. it’s one of my favorite.
  • Melts into your face like water. So easy to apply. Small squeeze can cover the whole face.
  • Mattify your skin and hydrate only if you use serum before applying this lotion
  • Antibacterial action
  • Clear blemishes over time.
  • Strong smell


TEA TREE OIL 10ml £7.00

This is the best tea tree oil I have ever used than ”drug store” version. And a must have on your skincare routine if you have any impurities.

  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Reduce spot overnight and clear up in 3-4 days.
  • Does not over dry out skin.
  • Watery application and not oily. Unlike drugstore version are quiet oily.
  • Strong smell
  • Does not clear blemishes 



For oily and combination skin, you might call this a holy grail. Especially a very oily T-zone. Great for day time use and a must have product.

  • Controls sebum 
  • Reduce appearance of enlarge pores 
  • Helps combat blemishes with a very good toner that contains Gycolic acid and this will clear up your blemishes fast.
  • Light weight and fast absorbent small pump can cover the whole face 
  • Light floral smell
  • Expensive for 15ml bottle (Worth to buy)


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ART: Marina Abramovic – ”Lovers” and ”The Artist is Present”

Love is such a natural thing for humans to be closer to one and another. Friends, Close friends, Relationship and Family. But this particular Art piece that move me by Marina Abramovic.(Abramovic is a Serbian and former Yugoslav artists based in New York. She is known for her Art performance.)

First piece 

”Lovers” Two artists, Ulay and Abramovic decided to end their relationship and to mark this with a spectacular performance.  This was the endpoint of their collaboration. After years of negotiation with the Chinese authorities, the artists got their permission to walk along the Great Wall of China. Which they started to walk from each different ends to finally meet in the middle to bid her goodbye.

It was such an amazing and emotional performance.  It is very rare for couples to end properly.

Second Piece

”The Artist is Present” A piece that the artist spend a mins of silent with a stranger. The exhibit went on for 3 months. During the video, it shows a surprising performance were her ex lover (Ulay) suddenly appeared in front of her who she had a relationship for a long time. After 30 years this was their first meeting.

What really move me from this performance, is that seeing her ex for the first time in over 30 years and her emotions start pouring down. She wasn’t able to show any emotions to anyone else but the stranger react towards her. But the moment of looking through her ex lover eyes. Is like looking back on the past and remember like it was yesterday of all the good and the bad memories.  It was powerful , I praise her that she manage to continue with the exhibition even her emotions cannot be hold.

DIY: Lemon Facial Scrubs

Yay!! New post, I am so excited to share my first DIY facial scrubs for those of you are suffering from dry skin or if you’re looking for a nice facial scrub treatment. No worries I will share my DIY skincare. I personally been struggling with dry skin and oily skin and sometimes moisturiser will not fix my skin problem. So, make sure you find what causes your dry skin from your beauty skincare routine.  

Now todays DIY, I will show you how you can create a simple lemon facial scrub using what you have at home. Not only will leave your skin super moisturise but will also save you some money. 
What you need:

½ Lemon
3 tbsp. granulated white sugar
1 tbsp. Brown sugar
1 tbsp. Organic Coconut oil

Squeeze out half a lemon into a container then add 3 tbsp. granulated white sugar and 1 tbsp brown sugar, which is slightly thicker than the granulated sugar. (I love the combination of having hard and soft scrubs which I find it more affective to getting rid of any dead skin cells. Lemon has a natural vitamin c and citric acid which even out your skintone over time and also great for blackheads) Mixed all the ingredients together then add 1 tbsp. of coconut oil. (Which restore and moisturise your skin) Now if you don’t have any coconut oil in your household, you can use Olive oil or vegetables oil.
Dry skin – Twice a week 
Oily skin – Once a week or it depends on you. 

If you have acne prone skin, I won’t recommend you using hard thick sugar, I would suggest soft granulated sugar and gently scrub your face and then wash it off with warm water.  Store it in a dry space.
And yes, this can also use for body scrubs. 🙂 
Ingredients size was made for 50ml container (Will last you 3 – 4 weeks) if you have much larger container just double the number
If you like more of my DIY scrubs let me know by commenting down below and let me know if you have tried this facial scrub. And I hope you all having a great week or weekends. See you guys next post. 🙂 

SKINCARE: BOTANICS – The power of plants

Do you have troubles finding the right moisturiser? Or perhaps trouble knowing your skin types? Are you oily, dry or all combination? Well I have all dry and combination type and sometimes, I don’t know what to do with my skin when its not perfectly in balance. And most moisturiser can leave your skin extremely sticky especially during the summer; compared to the winter weather and there’s nothing you can really do about the humidity. Perhaps, it’s a good idea to use gel and serums. And I’ve been using serum for a long time, it was the only moisturiser that can absorb nicely into my skin but there is always that disadvantage when your skin decided to reject it. But recently I think I’ve finally found the right moisturiser that is actually a cream that can absorb real fast without leaving your skin feeling sticky. It leaves your skin nice and moist without looking shiny. The best part is, to avoid spending £20 – £30+ for expensive creams in such a tiny amount and then regret it later. So, I found an affordable moisturiser cream without spending over £10+ .

It’s great for student on a budget or anyone on a budget. I’ve spend a lot of money on skincare now than in the past. I think that people should invest on skincare rather than make up and sometimes lower ends brand is also a good product. You only have one body. Finding the right product for you is quiet challenging and you want to avoid products that contains unnatural ingredients. I do understand the struggle to find the right cleanser for each seasons, and a perfect toner that provide all in one. Finding the right moisturiser that contains SPF for those of you are prone to acne such as myself. I don’t know if you agree with me but most popular brands are not always the best for certain people, depending on their skin types. I myself regret buying some of the high end brand and made my skin worst. Perhaps I should have looked into the ingredients to avoid any further irritation to my skin. So it’s really important for you to take time looking at the ingredients. But anyway… 
I’d like to introduce you from Boots, the Botanics – The Power of Plants (Hydrating day cream SPF 15 all bright.)  This is probably the best moisturising cream I’ve ever come across from ‘drug store.’ It claims to rejuvenate and provides all day hydration and advanced protection from the damaging effects of UVA/UVB rays. ‘’Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid’’ It’s also proven for immediate boost (moisture levels,) to improves the skin texture and feeling soft and brighter looking. 
What is Hyaluronic Acid?
Hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronan or Hyaluronate) is not an acid in the same as glycolic or salicylic, which exfoliate dead skin cells. Hyaluronic acid doesn’t do that at all but is a substance that is naturally present in the human body which is found in the highest concentration fluids in the joints and eyes.  It was used as a medicine which extracted from rooster combs or can be made by bacteria in the laboratory. HA is also known for healing wounds, skin ulcers, and burns as well as moisturiser.  But I don’t believe that HA fight against anti-aging aka wrinkles. I think this is a misconception. I believe in good  care of your skin and drink water also not wearing make up as often can give you an advantage and improvement.  And sometimes make up can speed up the process of aging without letting the skin breathe.
Another ingredients in the packaging that interest me, it contains a flower which is called Hibiscus,
What are the benefits?
From my research, there are plenty of benefits for Hibicus such as: even out skintone‘Botax Plant’purify your complexionRich in antioxidants and lastly boost moisture

I’ve also brought the mattifying day cream SPF 15 shine away, since I intend to get extremely oily depending on the weather.

It claims, to quickly absorbed into the skin and instantly provide balanced hydration, lasting protection from shine.  Agarikon Mushroom extract works to tighten pores, while the lightweight formulation provides advanced protection from damaging effects of UVA/UVB rays. And lastly non pore blocking. 
Honestly? I’ve never heard of Agarikon Mushroom before that benefits into a skincare line. So, I’ve research around google to what it is to share it with you guys.
The Agarikon (Laricifomes officinalis)

Agarikon claims to have a strong anti-inflammatory properties, with antibacterial and antiviral properties. Agarikon can be found in North America, Europe, Asia and a strong discovery against swine flu (H1N1), Herpes (HSVI, HSV2), Bird flu (H5N1) viruses.


The cream also contains Willowback in which claims to control excess sebum pollution and old skin cells can clog up pores, in resulting of shine and blemishes. The bark of the willow tree is a natural source ofsalicylic acid and which can helps to refine skin texture and targetimperfections.

The Botanics mattifying cream are great for those who have troubled skin like me. (E.g. prone-acne and excessive oil.) Its light weight and absorb into your skin quickly leaving your skin mattifyed and soft. Although slightly don’t control your oily skin for the rest of the day but it reduce the amount of oil that you produce during the day if that makes any sense. Rather than that I absolutely in love with this product and will definitely purchased it all over again. And more importantly, doesn’t feel sticky at all. The texture feels like an ordinary moisturiser that you have but the smells, well how to describe  the smell.. Oh god well.. is like baby powder mixed with floral scent. I know! I’m terrible at describing its the best explanation i can think of. Anyway, It is suitable to apply before make up.
Hydrating cream is great for those of you have really dried skin, or perhaps have dried patches, again it absorb into your skin, quickly leaving your skin feel soft like a babies bum.  I wouldn’t recommend this product for people with oily skin. Or else it may clog your pores. But overall for me it kept my face super moisturise for the rest of the day and sometimes use it during the nights. (Even though its day cream but who cares!) The texture is much more smoother to apply than the mattifying cream and the smells is pretty much the same. This is also suitable to apply before make up. I will only use this product if my skin feels extremely dry especially after use from my Body shop tea tree lines cleanser. 

Both tubs is 50ml and little goes along way. 🙂 

QOTD – What moisturiser do you use?

There will be another product review on a go, So I’ll see you guys on Thursday


NEW LOOK – NEW STYLE – My Spring and Summer outfits. What better ways to start of a more sunny seasons by styling your hair in bright, vibrant colour and grungy festival outfits.

Lately, I am madly in love mixing dark and light shade outfits, while the hair does the work. It’s act as accessories without making too much effort. If you are a follower you can see that, I used to have a really long black hair till I’ve decided to cut it all short and dyed it to purple and orange hair ombre. I love it! As you can see, sleeveless leather jacket is a must for these seasons and it goes well with nearly everything, if you are a leather fanatic, pastel colour leather jacket is a must! for spring and summer seasons.

Everyone wants to look good during summer seasons and I suggest that you should let loose with crazy but not overly dramatic matching colours. I know that some of us have insecurities when it comes to body and for me, I hate my legs and I really do, I get self conscious due to stretch marks. I do feel jealous that some of us born without any stretchmarks and lately i haven’t come across any products that will get rid of it. If you have any remedies that will improved stretch marks let me know! please! But anyway, to hide my stretchmarks I love to wear knee high socks, can be thick or thin socks and it’s great if you have multiple of colours which you can match it with any dress, or short! Another way of hiding stretch marks is wearing jeans and if you want to show a little flesh, distress jeans is the best. Not only make you look like a rock star but at least it’s not going to make you sweaty! and we don’t want that at all.

Now shoes, Missguided is amazing, not only give out such a fantastic sales and extra discount it’s fabulous! so do check out missguided.

I am always open for new comers and bloggers, follow me i will follow back. See you guys for the next blog



Hello everybody! I hope you all doing well. Remember I’m always open for new bloggers. Feel free to follow me and I will follow back. 
I’m so in love with my new skirt, top and shoes from MISSGUIDED, A nice checked pencil skirt with a nice black crop top to balance the whole outfits. It’s a nice casual day look. I find that the skirt is quiet hard to walk especially with a friend who walks faster than you, then never wear this skirt at all but rather than that. I love it! 
I love it so much I just had to do a cheeky jump with a smile on my face, although it makes my figure extremely weird…
I’m a big sweet person, but sadly I wasn’t able to go into the shop to buy any, although I’ve taken a photo of the sweet shop. So, I can just lick the photo all day long, just kidding! I don’t do that!  I always love seeing all those yummy cute sweets on display. I’m sure a lot of you do take photos related to cute or Instagram or Tumblr worthy. 
I’m sorry is quiet a short blog and limited outfit photos. Reason I kept it limited because I wanted to do a whole mix and match outfits, which is for next Friday. Styling plain with patterns outfits without the need of jewelry. Also a mini haul of what I got from Missguided. 

Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I hope you all having a good romantic time or even by yourself.. I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day before.. Until you finally found someone who’s willing to give you that opportunity to feel special on that day.
For those single ladies out there, if you’re feeling lonely or don’t care. A good way to spend your February 14th is
1)      Watch movie, I would stay away from any romantic movie.. Just no.. or maybe some of you guys like stuff like that. I prefer horror films, Sci-fi and Thriller
2)      Eat like a hippo, Yup! And I’m not ashamed. I certainly do eat like a hippo and.. I’m not going to lie but.. I eat on any kind of special days even lonely days.. Hands up if you one of them. HELL YEAH TO YOU!
3)      CHOCOLATE! Best medicines ever including when you’re on your bloody days/period
4)      Invite your single friends and have a good time or just relax. Play games and If you don’t feel like doing anything just sleep
5)      This one is my favourite. This only happens when you have a crazy friends who’s willing enough to go through it. Go Prank someone and honestly it sooo much fun! (Make sure you don’t call the one who are on a date.. maybe.. just a little.. )
Let me know ladies if you ever prank someone on Valentine’s Day
See you guys next Friday! This time is fashion! 


I’m terribly sorry for not blogging for a long time but I’ve decided to blog every Friday from now on. I’ve been extremely busy due to promoting my art work and looking through gallery to exhibit my work. Although there is no excuse for my excessive procrastination over Supernatural series, Oh gosh! Sam body is just something to drool over! Ahem sorry.. I won’t make any more excuses and I’m confident enough to dedicate my time to build up my blog, meet new people as well as welcoming new bloggers!
So far, I currently have two art work on show through Do More > Be More websites. I’m extremely honoured to be invited by Shawn Quintero the founder of Do More > Be More, to take part in ‘’The Female Empowerment Project.’’ Its Celebrates womenRedefines beauty and Expandsthe definition of femininity, in different media. What I like about this experience is to have the opportunity to share my work as well as helping and healing people through my art. Not only have I got the chance to take part but also the chance to see other artists who has taken part in this amazing project. If you’re an artist yourself please submit your work that defines Female Empowerment. The submission ends on Saturday 7th Feb 2015. 



Yesterday, I invited one my friend to have lunch with me at Cosmo, since I have *Special offers* voucher, for 2 person for just only £10! It’s such a bargain and its reasonable price. To those of you don’t know or not familiar of Cosmo in the U.K. Cosmo is known for their Pan Asian and World Banquet Dining. Their staff chefs cook over 150 freshly dishes from 8 Pan Asian Countries, with global kitchen as well as live cooking stations. Almost like watching a real cooking show than a TV version. The lunch menu is exciting and a lot of choices but also a lot more choices during the evening dinner.  
After our lunch, we decided to look around York to see what’s new in town. Despite the weather was extremely cold and wet. We spent so much time in Superdrug, Boots then stop by at H&M. So, far I’m a little bit disappointed of the recent display outfit.  And some I do like, 

I liked the number 1 and 3 than 2. 1 is something I would casually wear during summer or spring for a nice lunch or dinner. And number 3 is definitely my favourite. It’s comfortable and great for College/University outfits. 

4 and 6 is my favourite outfit of all. I love Kimono and especially boots, nice dress with tights or without. The hat add as accessorise and a good excuse for not wearing any jewellery. Outfits are plain and simple, with lots of vibrant patterns from the Kimono, as well as keeping the colour toned down which you can mixed and match. 5 and 7 outfit is something I will never ever pull off due to my height and maybe it’s because it’s not my cup of tea, but I certainly wouldn’t use pink jacket out in public but clubbing would be a good excuse or some people are lucky enough to pull off. 

So, what is your favourite outfit? From 1 to 7 

Anyway, the weather yesterday was terrible. Once I came home I was craving for orange muffin but crispy on the surface but moist in the inside. Omg! My mouth is melting already.
Shamefully enough.. I used those silicone muffin case as a tray as I can’t find my proper container, for the muffin to sit on. But it did work! I make sure everything on its level.
Having such a small oven make things easier. It’s easy and quick to clean than having a giant oven. I do believe  that small things are cute and easy depending what it is… if that make any sense.. perhaps not….but I love it! I left my muffin a little longer to achieve that crispiness on top and making sure that the inside stayed nice, yellow, moist and delicious! 

If you like to try my recipes, here it is 

For the cupcake/muffin 

200g/7oz caster sugar 
50g/2oz soft dark brown sugar
250g/9oz unsalted butter softened
280g/10oz self raising flour
4 or 5 large free range eggs
3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsps whole milk
1 Large orange or 2 small orange – (Grated orange and squeeze out all the orange juice.)

Once is all mixed together, you should left with fluffy and mousse texture batter then you are ready to cook! 

Now bake it at 170°For 20 – 25 mins make you check them every time.

If you have tried this recipes please let me know!  

New blog next Friday! 

QOTD! What’s your favourite cupcake or muffin?