Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I hope you all having a good romantic time or even by yourself.. I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day before.. Until you finally found someone who’s willing to give you that opportunity to feel special on that day.
For those single ladies out there, if you’re feeling lonely or don’t care. A good way to spend your February 14th is
1)      Watch movie, I would stay away from any romantic movie.. Just no.. or maybe some of you guys like stuff like that. I prefer horror films, Sci-fi and Thriller
2)      Eat like a hippo, Yup! And I’m not ashamed. I certainly do eat like a hippo and.. I’m not going to lie but.. I eat on any kind of special days even lonely days.. Hands up if you one of them. HELL YEAH TO YOU!
3)      CHOCOLATE! Best medicines ever including when you’re on your bloody days/period
4)      Invite your single friends and have a good time or just relax. Play games and If you don’t feel like doing anything just sleep
5)      This one is my favourite. This only happens when you have a crazy friends who’s willing enough to go through it. Go Prank someone and honestly it sooo much fun! (Make sure you don’t call the one who are on a date.. maybe.. just a little.. )
Let me know ladies if you ever prank someone on Valentine’s Day
See you guys next Friday! This time is fashion! 

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