My Pale Skin, She’s one of my favourite Youtuber and a Blogger. And I love watching all of her videos. 3 days ago, she uploaded such a powerful message among young teens or adults about false expectation and false image perfection. If you happened to watch her video before then you’ll know what am talking about.

I don’t think there is a stop for people to judge, it’s human nature no matter what condition you have.  But would be nice for people to understand how it feels like to be judge and being bullied through social media or in person. I myself suffered from acne during my teenage years and now I don’t have it as bad as when I was younger.  We all go through hormonal imbalance for both gender and for those who are bless with clearer skin, you are lucky. I know others have it really bad. Acne can accrue at any age rate in a random time and a random places on your face. Now you don’t have to put them down by saying anything negative as they already feel bad and insecure about themselves. That feeling hurts because I am one of them. I experience it through high school and honestly was the worst feeling and I cried almost every night. Having acne can take time to get better and make up is the holy grail for acne sufferer and it feels good. It cover up all the impurities and not actually questioned by others or unless your putting yourself out there. I considered that as brave.

For what Em did, truly brave and she showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations in both gender. And society are used to seeing false images of perfection.

I want to be able to tell everyone and I don’t care who you are. This may not stop people from saying negative no matter what condition you have. But you have to look at yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN AND OUT. Don’t let anyone tell you differently about yourself. If you don’t love yourself and continue to feed your emotions with negativity, it can be very unhealthy and can lead to depression. Stick with people who understand, help you and care for you. 



SKINCARE: The Body Shop

If you followed me for a while.. Especially through Blogspot and recently moved to WordPress. You’ll know that, I do have a terrible skin demons, which is Acne and Blemishes. Blemishes is the hardest one to get rid of, it can take 3-4 months to a year. 3 months ago I purchased 4 products from the body shop that would at least make an improvement to my skin. During summer time, oils are building up and can clog your pores. I hope you’ll find my reviews useful.




  • Helps to improve appearance of blemish-damaged skin. Now it depends how big your blemish scars then it will take a long time to recover. Or if you have smaller blemishes it should clear up within a month and make sure you apply this after your toner. I will not recommend this product for extremely dry skin.
  • Leaves your skin mattify. For those people suffer from oily skin, this will improve your excessive sebum when taking during the nights and in the morning your skin feels great and mattified. If you decided to use this during the day honestly.. it will develop oils on some parts of your face depending on the the weather. 
  • Antibacterial action. 
  • This will not leave your skin clear and does not avoid any future blemishes or spot.
  • Will not hydrate your face, depending on your skin types. 
  • Takes a long time to see a difference. 
  • Strong smell.


TEA TREE SKIN CLEARING LOTION – 15ml £3.00 – 50ml £8.00

It improve your skin texture no matter what condition your skin is: dry, oily, rough and etc.

  • Leave your skin feeling soft and velvet texture. Light weight. it’s one of my favorite.
  • Melts into your face like water. So easy to apply. Small squeeze can cover the whole face.
  • Mattify your skin and hydrate only if you use serum before applying this lotion
  • Antibacterial action
  • Clear blemishes over time.
  • Strong smell


TEA TREE OIL 10ml £7.00

This is the best tea tree oil I have ever used than ”drug store” version. And a must have on your skincare routine if you have any impurities.

  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Reduce spot overnight and clear up in 3-4 days.
  • Does not over dry out skin.
  • Watery application and not oily. Unlike drugstore version are quiet oily.
  • Strong smell
  • Does not clear blemishes 



For oily and combination skin, you might call this a holy grail. Especially a very oily T-zone. Great for day time use and a must have product.

  • Controls sebum 
  • Reduce appearance of enlarge pores 
  • Helps combat blemishes with a very good toner that contains Gycolic acid and this will clear up your blemishes fast.
  • Light weight and fast absorbent small pump can cover the whole face 
  • Light floral smell
  • Expensive for 15ml bottle (Worth to buy)


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