My Pale Skin, She’s one of my favourite Youtuber and a Blogger. And I love watching all of her videos. 3 days ago, she uploaded such a powerful message among young teens or adults about false expectation and false image perfection. If you happened to watch her video before then you’ll know what am talking about.

I don’t think there is a stop for people to judge, it’s human nature no matter what condition you have.  But would be nice for people to understand how it feels like to be judge and being bullied through social media or in person. I myself suffered from acne during my teenage years and now I don’t have it as bad as when I was younger.  We all go through hormonal imbalance for both gender and for those who are bless with clearer skin, you are lucky. I know others have it really bad. Acne can accrue at any age rate in a random time and a random places on your face. Now you don’t have to put them down by saying anything negative as they already feel bad and insecure about themselves. That feeling hurts because I am one of them. I experience it through high school and honestly was the worst feeling and I cried almost every night. Having acne can take time to get better and make up is the holy grail for acne sufferer and it feels good. It cover up all the impurities and not actually questioned by others or unless your putting yourself out there. I considered that as brave.

For what Em did, truly brave and she showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations in both gender. And society are used to seeing false images of perfection.

I want to be able to tell everyone and I don’t care who you are. This may not stop people from saying negative no matter what condition you have. But you have to look at yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN AND OUT. Don’t let anyone tell you differently about yourself. If you don’t love yourself and continue to feed your emotions with negativity, it can be very unhealthy and can lead to depression. Stick with people who understand, help you and care for you. 



12 thoughts on “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Beautiful touching video that brought out important issue about woman! I have seen a lot of this such #ThePowerOfMakeUp buzzing up on social medias, we shud have take a look at make up as something that beautify the beauty that already exist in us, we all are beautiful in any possible way. Confidence is the most matter thing that make us beautiful.

    Love ur blog! btw.

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  2. I have seen this video of her and she has been great and courageous to film it. Bullying exists and so do the high expectations. People aren’t perfect, never will be and those who think differently are just blinded. So leaving mean comments are just from those who follow those expectations blindly (and don’t really think for themselves). xx Maja


  3. I’m actually glad you have shown this Xxxx I am an acne sufferer myself, and I’ve been mistreated a lot of the time and made to feel less than other people because of my skin condition. A lot of the time I felt naked and uncomfortable without my makeup on, but I am definitely confident now and fighting at this acne to go away


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