ART: Marina Abramovic – ”Lovers” and ”The Artist is Present”

Love is such a natural thing for humans to be closer to one and another. Friends, Close friends, Relationship and Family. But this particular Art piece that move me by Marina Abramovic.(Abramovic is a Serbian and former Yugoslav artists based in New York. She is known for her Art performance.)

First piece 

”Lovers” Two artists, Ulay and Abramovic decided to end their relationship and to mark this with a spectacular performance.  This was the endpoint of their collaboration. After years of negotiation with the Chinese authorities, the artists got their permission to walk along the Great Wall of China. Which they started to walk from each different ends to finally meet in the middle to bid her goodbye.

It was such an amazing and emotional performance.  It is very rare for couples to end properly.

Second Piece

”The Artist is Present” A piece that the artist spend a mins of silent with a stranger. The exhibit went on for 3 months. During the video, it shows a surprising performance were her ex lover (Ulay) suddenly appeared in front of her who she had a relationship for a long time. After 30 years this was their first meeting.

What really move me from this performance, is that seeing her ex for the first time in over 30 years and her emotions start pouring down. She wasn’t able to show any emotions to anyone else but the stranger react towards her. But the moment of looking through her ex lover eyes. Is like looking back on the past and remember like it was yesterday of all the good and the bad memories.  It was powerful , I praise her that she manage to continue with the exhibition even her emotions cannot be hold.



I’m terribly sorry for not blogging for a long time but I’ve decided to blog every Friday from now on. I’ve been extremely busy due to promoting my art work and looking through gallery to exhibit my work. Although there is no excuse for my excessive procrastination over Supernatural series, Oh gosh! Sam body is just something to drool over! Ahem sorry.. I won’t make any more excuses and I’m confident enough to dedicate my time to build up my blog, meet new people as well as welcoming new bloggers!
So far, I currently have two art work on show through Do More > Be More websites. I’m extremely honoured to be invited by Shawn Quintero the founder of Do More > Be More, to take part in ‘’The Female Empowerment Project.’’ Its Celebrates womenRedefines beauty and Expandsthe definition of femininity, in different media. What I like about this experience is to have the opportunity to share my work as well as helping and healing people through my art. Not only have I got the chance to take part but also the chance to see other artists who has taken part in this amazing project. If you’re an artist yourself please submit your work that defines Female Empowerment. The submission ends on Saturday 7th Feb 2015. 



Yesterday, I invited one my friend to have lunch with me at Cosmo, since I have *Special offers* voucher, for 2 person for just only £10! It’s such a bargain and its reasonable price. To those of you don’t know or not familiar of Cosmo in the U.K. Cosmo is known for their Pan Asian and World Banquet Dining. Their staff chefs cook over 150 freshly dishes from 8 Pan Asian Countries, with global kitchen as well as live cooking stations. Almost like watching a real cooking show than a TV version. The lunch menu is exciting and a lot of choices but also a lot more choices during the evening dinner.  
After our lunch, we decided to look around York to see what’s new in town. Despite the weather was extremely cold and wet. We spent so much time in Superdrug, Boots then stop by at H&M. So, far I’m a little bit disappointed of the recent display outfit.  And some I do like, 

I liked the number 1 and 3 than 2. 1 is something I would casually wear during summer or spring for a nice lunch or dinner. And number 3 is definitely my favourite. It’s comfortable and great for College/University outfits. 

4 and 6 is my favourite outfit of all. I love Kimono and especially boots, nice dress with tights or without. The hat add as accessorise and a good excuse for not wearing any jewellery. Outfits are plain and simple, with lots of vibrant patterns from the Kimono, as well as keeping the colour toned down which you can mixed and match. 5 and 7 outfit is something I will never ever pull off due to my height and maybe it’s because it’s not my cup of tea, but I certainly wouldn’t use pink jacket out in public but clubbing would be a good excuse or some people are lucky enough to pull off. 

So, what is your favourite outfit? From 1 to 7 

Anyway, the weather yesterday was terrible. Once I came home I was craving for orange muffin but crispy on the surface but moist in the inside. Omg! My mouth is melting already.
Shamefully enough.. I used those silicone muffin case as a tray as I can’t find my proper container, for the muffin to sit on. But it did work! I make sure everything on its level.
Having such a small oven make things easier. It’s easy and quick to clean than having a giant oven. I do believe  that small things are cute and easy depending what it is… if that make any sense.. perhaps not….but I love it! I left my muffin a little longer to achieve that crispiness on top and making sure that the inside stayed nice, yellow, moist and delicious! 

If you like to try my recipes, here it is 

For the cupcake/muffin 

200g/7oz caster sugar 
50g/2oz soft dark brown sugar
250g/9oz unsalted butter softened
280g/10oz self raising flour
4 or 5 large free range eggs
3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsps whole milk
1 Large orange or 2 small orange – (Grated orange and squeeze out all the orange juice.)

Once is all mixed together, you should left with fluffy and mousse texture batter then you are ready to cook! 

Now bake it at 170°For 20 – 25 mins make you check them every time.

If you have tried this recipes please let me know!  

New blog next Friday! 

QOTD! What’s your favourite cupcake or muffin?


Have you ever feel uncomfortable about your body? Well.. you’re not the only one who experience insecurities. I’ve always been very critical about my body and wanting perfection. Sadly, it’s taken me a very long time to over come this insecurities.

Media is such a powerful tools when it comes to beauty and fashion. Sadly in reality half of those models don’t even look like that at all, with the help of enchantment such as Photoshop.  Children spend more time looking at magazines, start to wear make up at the young age and begin to critics themselves. I was one of them children 9 years ago. I strive for perfection to look good for society but really… it wasn’t worth it, I felt really unhappy. My mother told me ” Who are you trying to impress? ” and I  hate to admit it but honestly I really don’t know at all.

But over the years I’ve learnt to stop worrying, stop comparing yourself, stop lying to yourself and stop punishing yourself. Learn to accept who you are and love the people who appreciates what you are.

What I’ve felt in the past has inspired me to create a piece of art that can people relate to me . A subject that is black and gold which you can see on my art work. Figure represent my dream body and escaping from things i can never have but force to have the body you were born with. And accept who you are, by washing away in colours who you truly are.


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Thank you again for reading my blog and hope you all having a nice day or night. 

ART: Lisa Park – Eunoia

This is slightly different post that I’ll be blogging about. I found this amazing NY-based artist Lisa Park, who has been experimenting with a specialized device which is called NeuroSky EEG headset. It’s basically helps transforms brain activity into streams of data that manipulated for the purposes of research. And you probably wondering what Neuro Sky EGG headset is, she uses this to monitor the delta, theta, beta wave and alpha of her brains, as well as movements of the eyes and transforming the results data with a specialized software into sound waves. Which triggers the water to dance. Park spend months to perfect her experiment to balance her brain activity through her emotions (Happy, Love, Angry, Passionate and etc) during her meditation. Then transposes this energy onto 5 dishes of water to reveal zen-like vibrations.
This is almost like your favourite kung-fu movies or any types of sci-fi fantasy. And I always wanted to make the water dance with my brain. It’s such an amazing and wonder piece of art to make our emotions visible to the eyes it’s almost sound so poetic.
Eunoia derived from greek which means ‘’Beautiful thoughts’’. You can clearly see why if you watch this video. (Bare in mind I don’t own this video at all)
Seems very incredible right? If power exist, what power would you take?