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I’m so in love with my new skirt, top and shoes from MISSGUIDED, A nice checked pencil skirt with a nice black crop top to balance the whole outfits. It’s a nice casual day look. I find that the skirt is quiet hard to walk especially with a friend who walks faster than you, then never wear this skirt at all but rather than that. I love it! 
I love it so much I just had to do a cheeky jump with a smile on my face, although it makes my figure extremely weird…
I’m a big sweet person, but sadly I wasn’t able to go into the shop to buy any, although I’ve taken a photo of the sweet shop. So, I can just lick the photo all day long, just kidding! I don’t do that!  I always love seeing all those yummy cute sweets on display. I’m sure a lot of you do take photos related to cute or Instagram or Tumblr worthy. 
I’m sorry is quiet a short blog and limited outfit photos. Reason I kept it limited because I wanted to do a whole mix and match outfits, which is for next Friday. Styling plain with patterns outfits without the need of jewelry. Also a mini haul of what I got from Missguided. 


I’m terribly sorry for not blogging for a long time but I’ve decided to blog every Friday from now on. I’ve been extremely busy due to promoting my art work and looking through gallery to exhibit my work. Although there is no excuse for my excessive procrastination over Supernatural series, Oh gosh! Sam body is just something to drool over! Ahem sorry.. I won’t make any more excuses and I’m confident enough to dedicate my time to build up my blog, meet new people as well as welcoming new bloggers!
So far, I currently have two art work on show through Do More > Be More websites. I’m extremely honoured to be invited by Shawn Quintero the founder of Do More > Be More, to take part in ‘’The Female Empowerment Project.’’ Its Celebrates womenRedefines beauty and Expandsthe definition of femininity, in different media. What I like about this experience is to have the opportunity to share my work as well as helping and healing people through my art. Not only have I got the chance to take part but also the chance to see other artists who has taken part in this amazing project. If you’re an artist yourself please submit your work that defines Female Empowerment. The submission ends on Saturday 7th Feb 2015. 



Yesterday, I invited one my friend to have lunch with me at Cosmo, since I have *Special offers* voucher, for 2 person for just only £10! It’s such a bargain and its reasonable price. To those of you don’t know or not familiar of Cosmo in the U.K. Cosmo is known for their Pan Asian and World Banquet Dining. Their staff chefs cook over 150 freshly dishes from 8 Pan Asian Countries, with global kitchen as well as live cooking stations. Almost like watching a real cooking show than a TV version. The lunch menu is exciting and a lot of choices but also a lot more choices during the evening dinner.  
After our lunch, we decided to look around York to see what’s new in town. Despite the weather was extremely cold and wet. We spent so much time in Superdrug, Boots then stop by at H&M. So, far I’m a little bit disappointed of the recent display outfit.  And some I do like, 

I liked the number 1 and 3 than 2. 1 is something I would casually wear during summer or spring for a nice lunch or dinner. And number 3 is definitely my favourite. It’s comfortable and great for College/University outfits. 

4 and 6 is my favourite outfit of all. I love Kimono and especially boots, nice dress with tights or without. The hat add as accessorise and a good excuse for not wearing any jewellery. Outfits are plain and simple, with lots of vibrant patterns from the Kimono, as well as keeping the colour toned down which you can mixed and match. 5 and 7 outfit is something I will never ever pull off due to my height and maybe it’s because it’s not my cup of tea, but I certainly wouldn’t use pink jacket out in public but clubbing would be a good excuse or some people are lucky enough to pull off. 

So, what is your favourite outfit? From 1 to 7 

Anyway, the weather yesterday was terrible. Once I came home I was craving for orange muffin but crispy on the surface but moist in the inside. Omg! My mouth is melting already.
Shamefully enough.. I used those silicone muffin case as a tray as I can’t find my proper container, for the muffin to sit on. But it did work! I make sure everything on its level.
Having such a small oven make things easier. It’s easy and quick to clean than having a giant oven. I do believe  that small things are cute and easy depending what it is… if that make any sense.. perhaps not….but I love it! I left my muffin a little longer to achieve that crispiness on top and making sure that the inside stayed nice, yellow, moist and delicious! 

If you like to try my recipes, here it is 

For the cupcake/muffin 

200g/7oz caster sugar 
50g/2oz soft dark brown sugar
250g/9oz unsalted butter softened
280g/10oz self raising flour
4 or 5 large free range eggs
3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsps whole milk
1 Large orange or 2 small orange – (Grated orange and squeeze out all the orange juice.)

Once is all mixed together, you should left with fluffy and mousse texture batter then you are ready to cook! 

Now bake it at 170°For 20 – 25 mins make you check them every time.

If you have tried this recipes please let me know!  

New blog next Friday! 

QOTD! What’s your favourite cupcake or muffin?

OOTD: Grunge Punk

‘My Outfit Of The Day’ Feeling extremely black and white, grunge and punkish (if that even a word.) My inspiration for this outfit come from listening to music by Vault – Vultures. The dress is meant to be a top. But as you can see it turns out to be a dress. Although it’s quite big I kept my outfit simple and a little bit baggy than adding a belt; while keeping my hair extremely messy. I think I find it cute plus goes along with this outfit. I know that I’m quite small so I wore platform boots. I didn’t want to add any jewellery at all or else it will just look too much. Plus the boots it’s already acting as a jewellery.  I’m not really a jewellery person, maybe because I just don’t know how to pare them up and since I’m a painter I intend to not use any jewellery at all. 
I love shopping from yesstyle.com and amazon. You can’t really go wrong buying cheap clothes and the material is absolutely good quality. So I am very please with this top and my shoe.  
-If you’re wondering where I get this dress/ top from, I got it from Yesstyle, it was on 24 hours sales and it’s called ”3/4-Sleeve Mesh Panel Tunic’’ for only £6.23
-The boots I got from amazon, I can’t remember how much they were probably around £15.00 
If you like this look please leave a message and also tell me, what did you wear today?

ZARA – Creating an outfits

Weather is extremely horrible in the UK, It’s raining and it’s very cold.  I spend the whole morning in bed googling and online browsing through shops such as ZARA but I can’t help but to look at the gorgeous contrast tie-neck silk blouse. It’s innocent and sophisticated. I have the urge to how I would pare them up so here it is. 

The white blouse with black tie-neck is great for casual look or even parties and of course! Great for any seasons. It’s a little bit see through you can always add another clothing piece of your choice.

I would pare it up with nice skinny jeans in mink colour, I know some people are afraid to wear this kind of colour but hey! Anything that are light colour is perfect for darker tones or medium tones and believe me you can rock it! Don’t be afraid to play with colours that are black and white. 
Anyway the jeans really does compliment your legs and your skin-tones. It’s cropped just above your ankle to show a little bit of flesh. I believe is great for rainy season. 

If you’re a big big big! And literary a big bootie fan raise your hands up! I know I do because for this season’s boots for me it’s a must! Either its open cut ankle showing I would definitely wear it even if it’s snowing! Hold on before you comment, you can always add a pretty ankle socks that has laces around the opening area. Now you feel me! I choose this boots because not only it compliments the entire outfits, it’s also gives you the vibes of being attractive by complimenting your legs figures. As you raises up you’ll notice it’s comes really delicate, it’s innocent but it’s sexy! 
But what to wear as a coat, jacket and etc? Well my dear it suits with any kind of jacket you throw into this outfits. The colours are very delicate and calm yet! the shoe is aggressive enough to shine so HALLELUYAH!! okay.. I know can be very weird but this is how I express myself when putting an outfit together. 
Hope you like the outfit that I put together. Please leave a comment, I want to know how would you pare up a white blouse with black neck tie? (as shown above first picture) ?
On Sunday, I’ll show you my outfits I’ve been rocking lately. 

Are you a student on a budget?

You have come to the right place. I know most of you struggling to save money or gain money. Specially too much window shopping and in another hand empty pocket. Oh boy! I’ve been there so many times. Here are my 5 tips but some may have already been mentioned by Bloggers or Youtubers.
  1. Spend wisely
  2.  Goal = Write down your goal either on your phone, your calendar or whatever. (e.g I want to save £30 to £100 or save £5 > £10 > £20 every week) So by the end of two/three months you probably have a lot of money.
  3. Be creative and Sell = If you’re a creative person or an artist in any field. Go out there and sell what you made. There are many number of websites that you can sell online or in person. You can even get your teacher to get involved if their interested. Another good one, sell your old stuff that you don’t even bother wearing or having it. Manipulate it or alter it.
  4. Charity/thrift shop = There are many good things you can find but you just got to be patient.
  5.  Shop when it’s sales.

Now, I’m a big online shopper and yeah yeah, I know what you guys saying L A Z Y! LWell no because whatever in the shop may not have it or even your size which is a big no no. Sometimes online shopping is pretty awesome! I mean literary spend so many hours. The longer you shop the better! 
Here are the list of website I mostly order from. I mostly look at the sales sections and I am telling you there are so many bargain.   
  1. Yesstyle.co.uk
  2.  Newlook.co.uk
  3.  Oasis-stores.com
  4.  Amazon.co.uk

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£100 TOPSHOP Outfit

Today’s blog if I had £100 challenge to create an outfit for September seasons. Well, we all love Topshop but some are extremely expensive to buy, yet along if you’re a student and on a budget. I will talk about that tomorrow. So, make sure you come back tomorrow. Now If I had £100 to spend on TOPSHOP! for one outfit. 
I would go for this lovely grey dress which gives the illusion of having two layered clothing, such as crop top shirt with high waists skirt or dress. On the back it has an upside down V shape that gives out such a flirtatious look. It’s simple and perfect for fall seasons.



Now, I would pair it with black or skin looking tights or without, it’s really depends on your taste or the weather outside. But for me, I would go for a black tights which I can pair it up with these bad boys! I love the shiny parts from the tips and on the back  of the heels and everything else is completely matte. I love heels specially platforms which gives you that height if you’re a small person. As you can see it has a breathable opening which is great! If you’re wearing a skin tone tights or bare legs. Which complement your legs, shoes and your dress. Now £100 – 28 – 42 = £30. £30 pounds left. I would pair it up with this lovely peach colour jacket. The reason why I choose to go for this jacket it’s because I want to add that innocent colour to the outfits, despite the pricing, It’s on Sale! Which is £20. The peach colour work amazing on grey or black colours. It’s not too loud or too much to the eyes. 



Now to finish off, I will add the transitional Bowler Hat that matches your shoes. Now the outfit is complete. For a £100 spend you have £3.00 left. Not bad for one single outfit but combining sales or what’s not on sales. I hope you like this outfit and if I had a £100 outfits challenge on Topshop. If you like more of this, be sure to comment, like and follow me for more. 
Thanks x  


This is my very first fashion or Art blog; I’m very excited to share my personal style and hopefully give you an idea or an inspiration. 

Now, recently collected few accessories from Urban outfitters, Burton and Newlook. 

First, let’s talk about this sexy sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. I’ve always wanted a new pair of sunglasses so, when I saw this I have to have it!

What I love about the sunglasses is structure, colours and the framing.  It has a very slim metal frame with frame-less bottoms, with gorgeous gradient tinted lenses when it’s in the sun and it gives an awesome retro look. I tell you those lens are super big! Maybe I have a small head so, the lens intend to look huge but it fits perfectly and secure (Which doesn’t slide off your face.

Moving onto Burton menswear, yes! Ladies ‘menswear’ Anyway, I got myself a rust cable beanie hat; It was on sale for only £2.00  such a bargain! I can never get enough of beanies and plus it’s only £2.00.

The rings which I got from Newlook, It comes with 4 different rings in gold; some are thick and thin body. It’s noted that the rings are manmade and each of them have different pattern. You can tell that the details on the carving is very delicate on the surface and which I love. Over all these types of rings suits with any outfits!

Photograph by Ana R 
Links to shop 
Retro Glasses
Beanie Hat