Have you ever feel uncomfortable about your body? Well.. you’re not the only one who experience insecurities. I’ve always been very critical about my body and wanting perfection. Sadly, it’s taken me a very long time to over come this insecurities.

Media is such a powerful tools when it comes to beauty and fashion. Sadly in reality half of those models don’t even look like that at all, with the help of enchantment such as Photoshop.  Children spend more time looking at magazines, start to wear make up at the young age and begin to critics themselves. I was one of them children 9 years ago. I strive for perfection to look good for society but really… it wasn’t worth it, I felt really unhappy. My mother told me ” Who are you trying to impress? ” and I  hate to admit it but honestly I really don’t know at all.

But over the years I’ve learnt to stop worrying, stop comparing yourself, stop lying to yourself and stop punishing yourself. Learn to accept who you are and love the people who appreciates what you are.

What I’ve felt in the past has inspired me to create a piece of art that can people relate to me . A subject that is black and gold which you can see on my art work. Figure represent my dream body and escaping from things i can never have but force to have the body you were born with. And accept who you are, by washing away in colours who you truly are.


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It’s been a while I haven’t post anything and finally have the chance to blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you guys having a good first 2015. Lately on the 9th of January, I’ve finally got to see my college friends who I haven’t seen for a year and a half. I’m so happy to see them again and I decided to share few of my photos. 

All the photos was taken by Fujifilm Polaroid mini 8, If you like a review about the Fuji Polariod just let me know.

Having get together meal with your old friends is a good way to catch up any gossips or what’s new in their life. It’s also a relaxing and calm way to have fun. Even though I haven’t seen them for a long time, our friendships is still the same. So, no matter how long you haven’t seen them and willing to see you again after so long, I believe that friendship can last a life time.

How many of you love PIZZA HUT? I know I do, my favourite pizza is BBQ cajun chicken pizza. It’s delicious with extra cheese OMG my mouth is watering already!! 

Whats your favourite pizza?


So, lately i’ve been living in bed for a week now and trying to light up my spirit, since it’s finally December. I know that I haven’t been blogging lately which is unusual. But now that I have things to share. And honestly, i’m currently under the weather, maybe because of stress and PMS. I hate it so much! that that.. ”special” monthly well, my boyfriend calls it ‘’Happy days!’’ which is really gets you down.
Feeling stress?
Being stress is normal and probably you’re stress enough because Christmas is coming soon and New Years. Or even little things like a technology gadgets not happened to work properly. Those things need some loving. And the most stressful of all is preparing gift or what would be the best gift to give.
1. We need time to sit down and relax 
2. Find your inner peace 
3. Find what makes you happy 
4. Don’t forget to make room for fun  like playing games 
5. Disconnect yourself from all that stressful things 
6. Be practical on things that makes you happy 
7. Turn off your phone 
8. Make some soup – It’s a great way to soothe/sweat out the toxic from your body
9. Make a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee or even detox water 
10. Take a relaxing bath 
11. Light up a great scent of candles and meditate 
12. Essential oil is great for relaxing 
13. Listen to some instrumental music, not too rough but just calm I personally love listening to Agnus and Julia Stones. 
14. Watch a movie that doesn’t involved any sad scenes like Up it’s beautiful but made me cry.. 
15. Don’t forget to smile 
I know most of you are stressing for exam’s or other things. Just don’t forget to give yourself a break.
I just made those mini muffin and I wish I could share it with you all. 
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Questions: What is your favourite movie?

NOMINATION: Liebster Award

Today I was nominated by Magda to take part in ‘’Liebster Award’’ .So, thank you for nominating me. Be sure to check her out
I’ll be posting fun facts about me.  Although I wanted to know more about this ‘’Liebster Award’’. Apparently this was given to upcoming bloggers to help them gain publication. Liebster is a German word for dearest, beloved, sweetheart and endearing.’’ There are no official sites for this internet fun. But this seems to be a really good idea to discover other new bloggers so why not I try it anyway.
      11 facts about you
      11 Question for you to answer
      Tag 11 people who are newly
It’s simple right? Okay let’s start!
1. My name is Analyn
2. I’m Filipino living in the UK
3. I’m an independent freelancer artists
4. I love listening to music such as Indie, Old rock, rock and pop
5. I’m a painter specialized in portraits and figures
6. I love fashion and mostly drawn to shoes, especially I’m in love with platforms shoes since I’m quite small. Oh why! Why god? Why I must be small? 
7. I have a weird pinkie and my body temperature apparently cold when its cold weather and hot weather hot body. Which my boyfriend thinks it’s weird. Haha!
8. I play acoustic guitar
9. I’m a big fan of Jonah Hill. I love him too dearly most of his films makes me laugh
10. I love classical arts and history
11. I love online shopping

Questions and answers: 
1. Where were you born?
I was born in the Philippines
2. Describe yourself in three words. 
Tiny, Stubborn, Clumsy 
3. What is your guilty pleasure?
Anything that contains chocolate and Ramen aka Kimchi noodles 
4. What quality do you appreciate the most in others?
Trust worthy 
5. What dream do you hope to accomplish someday?
Travel all over the world, Open an Art Gallery and Live in Japan
6. Three things you cannot live without ?
Noodles and Chocolate
7. Who are your favourite bloggers?
Zoella, Le-happy and Shewearsfashion
8. Why did you start blogging?
I’ve always wanted to be a journalist and I guess blogging is pretty much similar and I think of blogging as my personal journal. It’s also a great opportunity to share my passion and help others.
9. If you could live anywhere on earth. Where would it be?
10.  What would be the first you’d do if you won the lottey?
I would buy a big house in Japan
11. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I have many dreams but mostly a mad scientist, artist, musician and journalist
Now it’s your turn! 
  • Where were you born?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • What quality do you appreciate the most in others?
  • What dream do you hope to accomplish someday?
  • Three things you cannot live without?
  • Who are your favourite bloggers?
  • Why did yo start blogging?
  • If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be?
  • What would be the first you’d do if you won the lottery?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • I would like to nominate
    And finally anybody else is welcome to do this nomination! 

    ART: Lisa Park – Eunoia

    This is slightly different post that I’ll be blogging about. I found this amazing NY-based artist Lisa Park, who has been experimenting with a specialized device which is called NeuroSky EEG headset. It’s basically helps transforms brain activity into streams of data that manipulated for the purposes of research. And you probably wondering what Neuro Sky EGG headset is, she uses this to monitor the delta, theta, beta wave and alpha of her brains, as well as movements of the eyes and transforming the results data with a specialized software into sound waves. Which triggers the water to dance. Park spend months to perfect her experiment to balance her brain activity through her emotions (Happy, Love, Angry, Passionate and etc) during her meditation. Then transposes this energy onto 5 dishes of water to reveal zen-like vibrations.
    This is almost like your favourite kung-fu movies or any types of sci-fi fantasy. And I always wanted to make the water dance with my brain. It’s such an amazing and wonder piece of art to make our emotions visible to the eyes it’s almost sound so poetic.
    Eunoia derived from greek which means ‘’Beautiful thoughts’’. You can clearly see why if you watch this video. (Bare in mind I don’t own this video at all)
    Seems very incredible right? If power exist, what power would you take?

    SKINCARE: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

    Saturday night is my favourite night for giving your skin some love and care. And today’s blog I will be talking about Innisfree Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and is one of Korean’s best and popular product.
    So, do you have enlarged pores? Blackheads or breakout? A dull complexion? I know I do.
    Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask 100ml

    If you’re familiar with Innisfree, you may have seen this pore clay mask before. It’s one of their bestsellers and definitely see why. I used to use Neutrogena Visibly 2in 1 face wash mask 150 ml. Not only it works but it dries my skin completely after used, until it gets very flaky. So I decided to research for any other alternative mask which I came across with Innisfree volcanic clay mask. 

    First of all the packaging it’s absolutely adorable in such a tiny tub and contains a lot of clay. Packaging box is 100% recycled which is great. As you can see from the photo above as soon as you open the lid you can see a plastic lid which keeps the clay from getting all over and it’s also very hygienic to keep away any bacteria from crawling in.
    What is Volcanic Scoria? Well, volcanic scoria is made with hardened lava when the volcanoes erupted in Jeju. It contains purely natural ingredient with powerful sebum control capacities.
    1.     Super Volcanic Scoria Capsule = Sebum Control UP scrub effect. A gentle physical exfoliation that contains two times more powerful sebum control.
    2.     Cooling clay = The cooling clay gives a very refreshing sensation after pore deep cleansing. The cooling part effect gives instant pore tightening.

    The Benefits
    -Tighten pores
    -Removes sebum
    -Offers deep cleansing
    -Enchances skin tone
    -Provides cooling effects
    -Offers deep cleansing
    -Reduce breakout

    You must cleanse your face first before applying this product so that way, it can penetrate into the skin and let it do it’s job. I usually apply this product every once or two weeks and leave it on for 15 to 30 mins, it really depends if my skin feels the need of loving. Over all I approve of this product as it clears out any clog pores around my nose area and it’s also great for any newly fresh break out which you can apply it onto that area and go to sleep with it and rinse it off in the morning. It doesn’t completely removes your breakout instantly but it reduce the redness or swelling. 
    I love the tingly, minty sensation and rather relaxing. The only problem with this mask it seems to take a long time to remove with just your hands and water. So you better off using face towel as it removes the clay completely and fast if you’re feeling a little lazy.  

    I would recommend this products for anyone and you should definitely try it.  

    If you like this blog please leave a message and also What kind of face mask do you use?

    OOTD: Grunge Punk

    ‘My Outfit Of The Day’ Feeling extremely black and white, grunge and punkish (if that even a word.) My inspiration for this outfit come from listening to music by Vault – Vultures. The dress is meant to be a top. But as you can see it turns out to be a dress. Although it’s quite big I kept my outfit simple and a little bit baggy than adding a belt; while keeping my hair extremely messy. I think I find it cute plus goes along with this outfit. I know that I’m quite small so I wore platform boots. I didn’t want to add any jewellery at all or else it will just look too much. Plus the boots it’s already acting as a jewellery.  I’m not really a jewellery person, maybe because I just don’t know how to pare them up and since I’m a painter I intend to not use any jewellery at all. 
    I love shopping from and amazon. You can’t really go wrong buying cheap clothes and the material is absolutely good quality. So I am very please with this top and my shoe.  
    -If you’re wondering where I get this dress/ top from, I got it from Yesstyle, it was on 24 hours sales and it’s called ”3/4-Sleeve Mesh Panel Tunic’’ for only £6.23
    -The boots I got from amazon, I can’t remember how much they were probably around £15.00 
    If you like this look please leave a message and also tell me, what did you wear today?

    SKINCARE: Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

    I’ve been battling with scarring and uneven skin tone around my cheeks and chin area for a very long time, since my skin is prone to acne. Unlucky me I used to pop them during my high school years and I’m so glad is not as deep scarring. Couple of months ago I did some research about most hype up products in Asia. And I came across with Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. Here is my review
    – Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream 45ml –
    When I first heard ‘’Snail’’ I felt a little uncomfortable and wow how Asian’s go beyond with their products. Since it’s a Korean brand, I believe that Koreans have the most advance skincare treatment. Mainly focus on facial and any other parts for health benefits. And you always wonder why Korean’s look so young and their skin are always flawless! 
    Mizon Snal Recovery Gel Cream work wonders for my skin and i’m so happy that my skin is a lot happier than before. 
    Now, what is Snail Recovery Gel Cream? and what does it do? 

    -The main ingredient are all in one Snail Healing Cream which contains 74% filtered Mucin. Mucin can be found in snail slime. It’s known for outstanding skin regenerating effect.
    -Mucin also have adenosine, a key ingredient for keeping your skin tight and smaller pores. It also contains other ingredients such as peptide, birch extract, Hyaluronic acide, oliver oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin 5, allantoin, centella, machihyun, green tea and water lily. 
    -Your will skin rejuvenates for more energetic look
    -Gives light and fresh texture as well as moisture and nutrients for firmer skin.
    -Snail extract treat trouble spots, even your skin tone and lessen wrinkles 

    And I approve! Not only reduce any breaks out, it also lighten up my skin and it continues to heal any redness impurities. It also faded my old acne scars which I find extremely amazing.

    As you can see from the photo’s i took. You can see that the gel is extremely thick and milky but don’t be fooled by the consistencies, once you apply onto your skin the gel will eventually dissolve due to the warmth of your skin when you rub it gently. A little goes along way so make sure you apply small portions. As it dissolve into your skin the gel does feel sticky afterwards but once its all dried out. skin feels so smooth and firm. It doesn’t contain any scent or paraden in which could irritate your skin.
    I use this product every day and night along with my It’s Skin serum. And honestly, I don’t have to add another moisturizer cream or else it’s gets very oily since I have normal and oily combination skin type. 

    I would recommend this product to anybody especially to those who are worried about their scars and blemishes. This product is for you! try it and I promise you you won’t regret it. But the negative part is.. it may not be suitable for your skin, since everyone is different. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try either it suits your skin or not. 
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    ZARA – Creating an outfits

    Weather is extremely horrible in the UK, It’s raining and it’s very cold.  I spend the whole morning in bed googling and online browsing through shops such as ZARA but I can’t help but to look at the gorgeous contrast tie-neck silk blouse. It’s innocent and sophisticated. I have the urge to how I would pare them up so here it is. 

    The white blouse with black tie-neck is great for casual look or even parties and of course! Great for any seasons. It’s a little bit see through you can always add another clothing piece of your choice.

    I would pare it up with nice skinny jeans in mink colour, I know some people are afraid to wear this kind of colour but hey! Anything that are light colour is perfect for darker tones or medium tones and believe me you can rock it! Don’t be afraid to play with colours that are black and white. 
    Anyway the jeans really does compliment your legs and your skin-tones. It’s cropped just above your ankle to show a little bit of flesh. I believe is great for rainy season. 

    If you’re a big big big! And literary a big bootie fan raise your hands up! I know I do because for this season’s boots for me it’s a must! Either its open cut ankle showing I would definitely wear it even if it’s snowing! Hold on before you comment, you can always add a pretty ankle socks that has laces around the opening area. Now you feel me! I choose this boots because not only it compliments the entire outfits, it’s also gives you the vibes of being attractive by complimenting your legs figures. As you raises up you’ll notice it’s comes really delicate, it’s innocent but it’s sexy! 
    But what to wear as a coat, jacket and etc? Well my dear it suits with any kind of jacket you throw into this outfits. The colours are very delicate and calm yet! the shoe is aggressive enough to shine so HALLELUYAH!! okay.. I know can be very weird but this is how I express myself when putting an outfit together. 
    Hope you like the outfit that I put together. Please leave a comment, I want to know how would you pare up a white blouse with black neck tie? (as shown above first picture) ?
    On Sunday, I’ll show you my outfits I’ve been rocking lately. 

    SKINCARE – Yesstyle Haul

    Look what I got freshly out of the mail!! I’m so excited to try Laneige, Nature Republic and It’s Skin (blue version).  My intention was to find a good serum for those who suffer from break out or redness anywhere from your skin. But I end up buying Face wash and Cream along with it. All this product I purchases with my own money from Yesstyle!

    LANEIGE –  £7.50
    Above from the left, you can see one free samples of Water sleeping pack and a small sample package from Laneige. Which comes with 5 sample products, White plus Renew > Refiner > Emulsion > Cream > Capsule Sleeping Pack. It claims to moist and whitening any unevenness of my skin and lessen dark spots. Since I have lots of impurities, I can’t wait to try and give a review within 2 or 3 weeks’ time depending how much this samples can last me.

    NATURE REPUBLIC –  £6.90
    Aloe Vera foaming gel that claims to give a very refreshing finish and soothing effects. It removes all traces of impurities, make up and excess sebum. So, let see this will do the job.

    It’s Skin – £11.90 
    Much more expensive than the rest, this is a Serum it claims to penetrate skin’s layers to deliver GF-Biopolymer at the cellular level to relieve symptoms of dryness and sensitivity. It cleansed, toned skin  and smoothen any rough patches as well as moisturize. So, basically it’s a treatment for night and day. To those who has many redness all over your face. So, far this products doing its job. I will keep you up to date in a couple of weeks time.

    For those people who already owned any of these products. Please let me know what you think of them. Or any Asian skincare products you would recommend me using.
    In a couple of weeks’ time, I will be reviewing all these products, if it did anything to my skins. Please please please! stay in touch.